Destination Deline



Summer under the Midnight Sun

To the people of Deline, the land represents a library of stories and generations of wisdom. During the summer months, experience total cultural immersion as you partake in everyday life. Fish Great Bear Lake with local guides as they catch not for sport but for a community feast. Travel to your guides’ secret spot and looking down into crystal clear waters teaming with lake trout and arctic grayling. Walk the same routes their nomadic ancestors travelled, berry picking or learning about the flora and fauna and traditional medicines taken directly from the land. Silently canoe through an arctic forest, listening to stories about life in the North from your guide. Or sit in with local artisans as they make moccasins, gloves and boots made from caribou hide, beaver fur and an array of colourful beadwork.

A Land and a Way of Life Preserved

Winter in the North is something to experience; the serenity of gazing across the cracked blue-glass of the frozen Great Bear Lake, or the silence of snowshoeing into a forest for tea and bannock. For the adventurous, a snow mobile tour will speed you across the arctic tundra. When the stars arrive, enjoy ice fishing in purposely-built huts complete with wood burning stoves. On a clear night, you can experience the wonder of the Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky. From approximately January – March, the community becomes connected to “the south” via the famous ice road system of frozen lakes.

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