Destination Deline



Take a daytrip to the community of Norman Wells with North-Wright Airways for flightseeing trips of the majestic Sahtu Region. A Canyon Panoramas Tour takes you to the magnificent Mackenzie Mountains and their compelling vistas. This short flight takes youy to the edge of the mountains to see Dodo Canyon, Linton Lake, Carcajou Canyon before returning to Norman Wells.

Enjoy a birds-eye view of Deline and Great Bear Lake with a 1-hour excursion or take a flight into history over the spectacular Mackenzie Mountains to see pristine wilderness and bring Canol Road history alive.

The Canol Road was built by the Canadian and American Armies during World War II ensuring that northern oil supplies would not be cut off. Take this flight from Norman Wells and experience this exciting seldom-told story. During the flight, you will see Mile 0 on the Canol Trail, remains of wooden barges, the remains of Camp Canol, Dodo Canyon, Echo Canyon, Canol Lake, Canol road remains, Carcajou Falls, the Canol switch back road up to the highest elevation, the Plains of Abraham, the Pumping Station at mile 74, remains of the Canol pipe, and Linton Lake.