Destination Deline


Cultural Experiences


To the people of Deline, the land represents a library of stories and generations of wisdom. During the summer months, experience total cultural immersion as you partake in everyday life. Fish Great Bear Lake with local guides as they catch not for sport but for a community feast. Travel to your guides’ secret spot and looking down into crystal clear waters teaming with lake trout and arctic grayling.

Walk the path of their nomadic ancestors, berry picking and learning about the flora, fauna and traditional medicines taken directly from the land. Silently canoe through an arctic forest, listening to stories about life in the North from your local host. Or sit in with local artisans as they tan hides and sew to create moccasins, gloves and boots made from caribou hide and beaver fur with an array of colourful, intrecate beadwork.

A 4 night Summer package for small groups (plus tax. net rates for Tour Operators and RTO’s) includes:

  • Flight from Yellowknife
  • Accommodation at the Grey Goose Lodge
  • All meals
  • Welcome Backpack with supplies
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Cultural Activities
  • Flightseeing & Tour of Norman Wells

You will have a chance to meet with Dene Elders who are viewed as possessing wisdom and knowledge of the meanings of traditional names, stories and legends. Through their stories, the elders tell of Dene history, the traditional way of life and of the countless names of important places and trails on the land. From a life-time spent on the land, elders continue to share their experiences.  The elders remember very much about days long ago and enjoy talking about them. They tell of a time when people moved from place-to-place to follow the caribou in winter or moose in the fall. They have stories about the best lake to set up fish camps for the summer and of summer activities. Some remember a time when they saw their first non-Dene and of fur traders. All the stories the elders share is about the history of the Dene and their life on the land. (source)

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