Destination Deline


In Search of the Cultural Explorer

Deline Tours Northwest Territories

“Cultural Explorers are defined by their love of constant travel and continues opportunities to embrace, discover and immerse themselves in the culture, people and setting of the places they visit” – Canadian Tourism Commission, The Explorer Quotient

Those who make the journey to Deline are individuals who are seekers by nature. They seek out new experiences and value learning and discovering through travel. These travellers want the most authentic experience possible rather than be confined to the usual bus tour.  If you’ve found your way to this website, you are a Cultural Explorer.

Deline’s remoteness is its strength. It has kept traditions and culture alive along with keeping the surrounding wilderness untouched.  The Dene people of the north have generations of stories to tell and love the opportunity to meet those “from the south” who are interested in learning and taking part in the daily life of the community.  A visit here is not about seeing scheduled “attractions”. Its about meeting members of the community over dinner at the Grey Goose Lodge. Its about sitting down with the Elders hearing about life in Deline before modernity arrived. Its about fishing and walking with locals and hearing how they provide for their family year round, and how their parents provided for them.  Its also about having fun, fishing with a local guide alone on Great Bear Lake or touring the tundra by ATV. You’ll be off the beaten path, experiencing something few have had the chance to.

You are a Cultural Explorer and we are waiting for you

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