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NEW Destination Deline video

Deline Northwest Territories Canada

Courtesy of North-Wright Airways , Destination Deline is thrilled to announce our new promotional video! Available on our home page and on Youtube , North-Wright Airways has captured the feel of the community of Deline Northwest Territories Canada and our people.

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The Importance of Language

deline northwest territories canada

The Importance of Language in Deline Northwest Territories Canada “To the Dene people of Deline, language is one of the most imortant tools we have, it gives us a sense of responsibility to our Dene ancestors before us who made it possible for us to be here today! Deline First Nation will be working on […]

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In Search of the Cultural Explorer

Deline Tours Northwest Territories

“Cultural Explorers are defined by their love of constant travel and continues opportunities to embrace, discover and immerse themselves in the culture, people and setting of the places they visit” – Canadian Tourism Commission, The Explorer Quotient Those who make the journey to Deline are individuals who are seekers by nature. They seek out new […]

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