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Deline, Northwest Territories – the birthplace of Hockey, home to the biggest lake trouts in the world, and the only community on the western shore of Great Bear Lake.

Alone on a Lake approximately the size of the Netherlands and near the Arctic Circle, Deline is a place where culture and traditions of the Dene First Nation flourish. There are no roads to bring you here most of the year – air access is the only option. For its people, this remoteness means a connection to the land remains a way of life.  For visitors, year – round cultural experiences and outdoor adventures take place against the backdrop of the solitude and silence of this scenic northern landscape.

Deline residents are largely Dene or Metis who speak the North Slavey language and English. Sahtú Dene families are often related to Hare, Gwich’in and Mountain Dene peoples. The people of Great Bear Lake had to be hardy and resourceful to survive in the past. Within living memory, they lived a nomadic life, following fish and game with the seasons. Many still supplement their diets by hunting, fishing and trapping at least part of the time. Although modern life has made its way North, Deline homes often feature a traditional lodge or tipi used to smoke meat and fish.

Whether its for a corporate retreat, small group gathering, a fishing adventure, or on an organized tour, we look forward to sharing our stories with you. Welcome to Deline !

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